Internet Service in MO.

Arnold, MO19
Aurora, MO11
Ballwin, MO14
Barnhart, MO19
Belton, MO12
Blue Springs, MO17
Bolivar, MO12
Bonne Terre, MO11
Boonville, MO10
Bowling Green, MO8
Branson, MO13
Bridgeton, MO12
Cameron, MO10
Cape Girardeau, MO13
Carl Junction, MO11
Carthage, MO15
Caruthersville, MO12
Charleston, MO10
Chesterfield, MO14
Chillicothe, MO10
Clinton, MO8
Columbia, MO11
Crystal City, MO19
De Soto, MO19
Dexter, MO12
Eldon, MO15
Eureka, MO15
Excelsior Springs, MO11
Farmington, MO13
Festus, MO19
Florissant, MO13
Fort Leonard Wood, MO11
Fulton, MO16
Grain Valley, MO18
Grandview, MO17
Greenwood, MO18
Hannibal, MO15
Harrisonville, MO10
Hazelwood, MO13
Higginsville, MO5
Imperial, MO19
Independence, MO18
Jackson, MO13
Jefferson City, MO16
Joplin, MO15
Kansas City, MO18
Kearney, MO11
Kennett, MO13
Kirksville, MO11
Lebanon, MO12
Lexington, MO7
Liberty, MO13
Macon, MO13
Marshall, MO12
Marshfield, MO13
Maryland Heights, MO13
Maryville, MO12
Mexico, MO16
Moberly, MO10
Monett, MO10
Mount Vernon, MO9
Mountain Grove, MO9
Neosho, MO20
Nevada, MO14
Nixa, MO16
Oak Grove, MO18
Odessa, MO7
Ozark, MO16
Pacific, MO23
Park Hills, MO13
Peculiar, MO10
Perryville, MO12
Pevely, MO19
Platte City, MO15
Pleasant Hill, MO10
Poplar Bluff, MO16
Raymore, MO13
Republic, MO16
Richmond, MO9
Rolla, MO15
Salem, MO9
Savannah, MO14
Scott City, MO12
Sedalia, MO15
Sikeston, MO12
Smithville, MO11
Springfield, MO17
Sullivan, MO21
Trenton, MO9
Troy, MO16
Union, MO23
Valley Park, MO13
Warrensburg, MO12
Warrenton, MO17
Washington, MO24
Waynesville, MO12
Webb City, MO13
Wentzville, MO13
West Plains, MO14
Willard, MO17
* availability only includes locations with greater than 50,000 residents


With 138 Internet service providers and an average download speed of 48.50 MBPS, Missouri is ranked as the 38 most connected state in the U.S. Regarding Internet competition within the state, 78% of the population of Missouri has access to two or more ISPs. This means that about 22% of the population lives still in an under served area (where there is no provider or only one provider).


Gigabit speed Internet service has become the aspiration of Americans everywhere. Only 4.90% of the people of Missouri have access to Gigabit service. At least 29.70% of the people here do not have access to 100 MBPS Internet service.

In 2014 the FCC designated 25 MBPS as the minimum download speed for an Internet provider to call their service "broadband" speed Internet. 23.20% of the Missouri's population does not have access to broadband Internet service.


Wired access includes technologies such as DSL, Cable, Copper and Fiber Optic Internet services. Most people here have access to one or more of these technologies, but 8.40% still do not have access to any type of wired Internet access technology.

Mobile broadband is defined as accessing the Internet via cell phone towers. Speeds vary depending upon the type of technology (3G, 4G, LTE, etc...). 99.80% of Missouri's population has access to one or more mobile broadband providers.

Fixed wireless internet is internet from an Internet service tower. Usually these services are set up to provide broadband service in more rural areas. 79.10% of the population here has access to one or more fixed wireless providers.