Changing Your Internet Service Provider - What you Need to Know

If you are considering changing Internet service providers, knowing more about what to look for and what the differences are between the different options available to you is important. Choose a plan that delivers sufficient broadband speed so you can do the things you want to do online. That may mean finding a plan with faster bandwidth.

Understanding Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the speed of data transfer. When you are shopping around for service, you will see speeds quotes as Mbps - Megabits per second. The higher that number, the faster your service should go, theoretically.

Many of the most popular things that you can do online today often require higher bandwidth. That doesn't mean that your higher bandwidth connection is going to actually be faster. It will however, enable you to do things that you couldn't do otherwise. Speeds of at least 10 Mbps will ensure that you can do things like video calling, online gaming, and streaming video. Unfortunately some of the technology used with Internet connectivity impacts the speed that is delivered.

What Are Your Internet Choices?

The sad reality is that throughout much of the United States, there is little choice in high speed Internet service. In many areas, the fastest provider is the only one in its speed bracket, which means that switching providers will result in much slower service if you are currently a customer of the big name provider.

Cable Internet is the fastest option in high speed Internet in most of its markets. However, there is a monopoly in many parts of the country when it comes to cable service. In fact 75% of the cable market is served by the same provider. For customers it means no choice and having to put up with whatever level of service they get, because there is no competition to force service to improve. DSL or digital subscriber line Internet is a good option for some, but not all, users. It uses the copper wiring that your home telephone uses to bring high speed Internet to your home. It is competitively priced and secure, but its speeds vary. If your home is located close to the central office, speeds will be high, but the farther away you are, the slower your DSL speeds will be.

Fiber optic Internet is the fastest, most dependable Internet service on the market today. However, it is only available in select metropolitan areas throughout the country. Fiber Internet is also more expensive than other options.

Satellite Internet service is faster than most wireless providers and traditional DSL service. However, it is slower than cable and fiber Internet. Available everywhere in the country, it is the rural high speed Internet solution for places not served by cable and fiber.

As you investigate the possibilities for changing your Internet service provider, be sure to look at the Internet bundles offered from the top providers, which are sure to save you money on the cost of fast Internet.

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